Halal Expo Europe 2017:

NOVEL IDEA GROUP ( NIG ) ,  organize  large Iran Pavilion and sign Agreement with some Netherlands company

The third edition of the Halal Expo Europe took place on 30 April and 1 May 2017 at the Beursgebouw in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. The Halal Expo Europe is a unique trade fair for entrepreneurs, who are active in the rapidly growing and large halal industry. Special attention was attributed to exhibitions on food, cosmetics, lifestyle, tourism and finance, but also seminars, lectures and matchmaking sessions were organized.


Eng.Mr.SHAHDAD G.HOSEINI, President of NIG – International Holding –  joined forces with NBI ( Netherlands Business Council ) in coordinating and organizing the Iranian section of the HALAL Expo Europe.

NIG,  is official business partner of NBI International, who is the organizer of the two-day event.NIG , also managed exclusivity a large Iranian pavilion and incoming trade missions from Iran. Various Iranian representatives and businesses were present and shared their products and services with the international participants.


According to NIG President : ‘ Iran definitely, have leading role in halal industry in Middle East and we make new face of  this business , in Europe ’.

On the first day of the Halal Expo Europe 2017, the Iranian exhibitors and members of the trade mission were offered a luncheon Guest by NIG . During this lunch, speeches were given by Mr. Ali Kerdabadi, Counselor for Economic Affairs from the Iranian Embassy in The Hague and Dr. Jan Siemons, Chairman of the NIBC. The aim was to further strengthen bilateral relations and to have discussions on how to increase business between Iran and the Netherlands.


Mr. Kerdabadi, mentioned the importance of the economic relations and stressed the facilitating role of governments and the need to work together with organizations, such as NIG and the Netherlands Business Council ( NIB ) . He stated that it is one of the main priorities of the Iranian Embassy to facilitate businesses and entrepreneurs in expanding business between the two countries.


Furthermore, Dr. Jan Siemons provided an overview of the activities of NIBC with NIG, over the last 4 years and spoke about their close ties with the Iran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture (ICCIMA), many Iranian companies, and other organizations in Iran. ‘These 4 years of well-planned preparation with full help of our confident partner in Iran : NIG  , the lifting of the sanctions and events, such as the HALAL Expo, makes that I am still convinced that the time is now to convert our intense contacts into concrete business deals, making use of our offices in both Europe and Iran ’.



The second day, NIG welcomed an official delegation from the Province of KHUZESTAN : ‘ JAHAD Agriculture council  ’ and representatives of several Iranian private companies. As a result of this meeting, an Official Agreement between the Province of Khuzestan and the NIG was signed the next day, as well as two Memoranda of Understandings (MoU) between the company of Fan Iran and NIG .

NIG , behalf of his Partner ( NIB )  was also honored to receive an official invitation to visit KHUZESTAN Province with a Dutch trade delegation, focusing on agriculture, horticulture and food, that will most likely take place before the end of this summer.


The day after the Halal Expo, NIG arranged several tailor-made company visits and matchmaking sessions for members of the trade mission and the delegation from KHUZESTAN Province. One of the companies visited was BrimaPack in Ulft, the Netherlands, a leading company in the field of packaging, grading and handling of fruit and vegetables.

NIG International President ( Mr.Hoseini ) said : “Our cooperation has resulted in one of the largest Iranian trade missions ever to visit the HALAL EXPO Europe and we look forward to a long and successful partnership as soon “ .



————NIG announcements———-

Upcoming trade mission for companies and entrepreneurs active in agriculture, horticulture and foodStuff.


This summer in July-August (exact dates will follow shortly) NIG will organize a trade mission to Tehran and KHUZESTAN Province, Iran. Beside visiting companies, (local) governments and other relevant organizations there will also be room for tailor made match making visits/B2B meetings.


If you, or your company are active in the field of agriculture, horticulture and food, you can express your interest for this trade mission by sending an email to: info@halal-expo.ir  or info@nip-adv.com  .


We can manage it an exclusive B2B meeting for catch all EUROPE / IRAN opportunity.


Over the last 6 months NIG has received many requests for information from various companies, entrepreneurs and businesses that want to start doing business with EUROPE or like to expand their current activities.


As it is NIG’s mission to assist companies in their search for market opportunities in EUROPE we are happy to announce that will start with organizing monthly intake sessions. These are individual intake sessions where companies and individuals interested in doing business in EUROPE , can display their plans and requests for support and information. After the intake session, during which will be explored what kind of support is needed, NIG offers follow up individual sessions with tailor made advice on how to proceed and which specific actions and information is needed.

The sessions will take place in Eindhoven and/or Amsterdam on July-August (exact dates will follow shortly).

If you are interested please send an email to:  info@nip-adv.com


NIG ( International Holding : Germany.Iran.Turkey.Georgia – since:1991 )


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